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DIVA Event 
03:30pm 07/12/2006
  The Third Annual Festival of Improvised Music and Moving Image (IMMI
Fest) once again delights the aural and visual senses this weekend,
December 8th and 9th, at the DIVA Center 110 W. Broadway. IMMI Fest
features classic silent films, freely improvised music and progressive
video, all melded together for maximum spontaneity and simultaneous
sensory pleasure.

The festival showcases west coast and international musicians and
media artists in an intimate listening and viewing environment for
optimal audience exposure.

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hey there hi there ho there 
09:31pm 04/11/2006
  Looking for some friends in the Eugene/Sprigfield area. To meet in real life and do stuff. Couples to do couples stuff? Or playdates for the kids? I am in a deeply committed relationship with my soulmate. I would like to find others, male or female, with common interests to talk and hang out with; I have just as much fun playing Scrabble as I do going dancing, so I am up for whatever sounds fun. www.myspace.com/pandemicpsyche2 Check out my Myspace page!  


Night Gallery Film Festival 
01:19pm 03/11/2006


Check out DIVA's website for times, descriptions of films and their address and other contact info. I hope to see some of you there!



Night Gallery Film Festival 
10:00pm 13/10/2006
  Those of you in Eugene, what were you up to the night of 10/13/06? Nothing? Too drunk to remember? Well, I wish you had been with me. I was at DIVA. It was the opening night of their NIGHT GALLERY FILM FESTIVAL. You'll never guess who made an appearance: VIGGO MORTENSEN! Yes, he made a guest appearance in As Smart as They Are a great little documentary about a collaborative musical group, One Ring Zero that works with authors to create songs. Yes, lovely Viggo is an author as well. You also missed a fascinating take on the affect of a new woman in town on a small New Zealand village in a film called Luella Miller.

Don't feel bad. There are more movies to see tomorrow! Including: When I Find Bin Laden, A drama about meth addiction. And you also get to VOTE. The film that receives the most positive reviews moves the the HNL -- (W)hole. Nutha. Level. That film moves on to Hollywood and possibly even to the point of being reviewed by Mr. Stephen Speilberg himself. It's well worth the $5.

And if you can't come, DIVA is ALWAYS looking for people to help out in other ways. Support the arts. Meet your neighbors. Put off doing your homework. Get out of the house. See local art. See hot men and women on film...


new to eugene-- looking for a job at a beauty salon (x-posted) 
08:21pm 04/08/2006
mood: excited
Hi. My name is Lyndsey and I just moved to Eugene from the pits of hell-- aka Ohio. I am a licensed cosmetologist in Ohio and currently seeking to get my license transferred to Oregon (which is a matter of paperwork won't take long). I live in the downtown area but I'm not very familiar with the area or the salons yet. If anyone knows of any salons that are hiring or if anyone could just provide me with some information about any salons they like or frequent, that would be muchly appreciated. I am looking for something other than the run of the mill Supercuts type of salon and I would prefer to work in an alternative atmosphere. Thanks in advance.



01:55pm 20/05/2006
  I just moved here 12 May. I need to find a job ASAP. Does anyone have any suggestions? I spent this past week signing with at least 5 temp agencies (we'll see what happense with them). I've filled out at least 30 apps at many different places. My strongest area would be Customer Service. I've worked in Call Centers before as well. I've waited tables, I've worked in coffee shops. Willing to do almost anything to get some cash in. All suggestions welcome.  

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07:17pm 18/11/2004
mood: excited
Hi! Welcome to the Girlslane Community! Hopefully this community will really kick off soon and we'll have girls all over Lane County sharing here. We want artwork, poems, writings, questions and anything else you want to share on here. Can't wait to hear from all of you!! Enjoy!

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